OTO ( Otgonbayar Tsogt is a London-based visual artist)



         Otgonbayar Tsogt



          2002     Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (MA Fine Art)

          1994     Fine Art College Mongolia (BA Fine Art)


          Curatorial project 2016

           Kusabana-zu Botanical artistry contemporary Japan http://www.london-kusabana-zu-japanese-art-exhibition.com/


            Solo show

           2012     Pure and Applied Studio 3, Larch Court, Royal Oak Yard, London http://www.pureandapplied.co.uk/

           2011     ArtDog Gallery 125 Creek Rd, London http://www.artdoglondon.co.uk/

           2006     Lewisham Arthouse Gallery, London  http://www.lewishamarthouse.co.uk/Arthouse/archive.html

           2006     Stark Gallery, London http://starkgallery.com/

                                                                  2004     "Oron Zai" Ars-Gallery, Tokyo http://www.a-s-o.jp/gallery/kako2004.html

                                                                  2003     "Lonely way" Terajima Culture Centre , Chiba, Japan  http://www.tekisuiken.or.jp

                                                                   2001     "Kaiho Sareta Kuukan" Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo  http://www.promo-arte.com/eng/indexHeaderNew.php


                                                                   Group show

                                                                    2016    "Open CueB 2016" CueB Gallery

                                                                    2015     "Art Rooms"  MELIA REGENT’S WHITE HOUSE HOTEL

                                                                    2014      Asia House, London

                                                                    2013     "OPENCUEB 2013" CueB gallery

                                                                    2012     "Elements of Surprise" [email protected]'s Gallery, London

                                                                    2012     Dulwich Festival 2012, London

                                                                    2012     Southwark artists show at Langenhagen, Germany

                                                                    2011      ArtDog Gallery at Frameless Gallery, Clerkenwell Green, London

                                                                    2011      DeptfordX international Art Fair, London

                                                                     2010     "Tibetan traditional art and Mongolian Contemporary art" Bukkyo University Kyoto

                                                                     2009     Annual Open Exhibition CGP London

                                                                     2009     Mongolian Art Auction and Exhbition: Art Mongol Vente à la Galerie Sinitude, Paris http://www.gaiaauction.com

                                                                     2009     "Travel and Movement" Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham

                                                                     2008     Open Arts Competition, Black Swan Arts, Somerset

                                                                     2008     British-Mongolian 5th Anniversary diplomatic relationship event House of The Common

                                                                     2006     "In Quest" Pepperton Gallery, London

                                                                     2006      Above the Surface Gallery, Nottingham

                                                                     2005      Birmingham RBSA Open Exhibition, Birmingham

                                                                     2003      13th Art Box Exhibition, Art Box Gallery, Tokyo

                                                                     2002      "Harmony" The Art Engine, London

                                                                     2002      39th Kindai Bijutsu Competition, Tokyo Metropolitian Museum

                                                                      2002      Graduation Show, The University Art Museum-Tokyo University of the Arts

                                                                      2001      5th Open Exhibition,Shinseido Gallery, Tokyo

                                                                      2001      Invited artist "Ashita e no Tenbo" Japan Modern Art Association, Yokohama

                                                                      2001      51st Modern Art Competition, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum

                                                                      2000      Asahi Beer Arts Foundation Exhibition, Tokyo

                                                                      1999      Asian Art Student Show, Yoshi Gallery, Tokyo

                                                                      1998      "Oron-Zai" Exhibition , The Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Mongolia

                                                                      1996      Annual "Spring Exhibition" UMA Art Gallery, Mongolia

                                                                      1994      "Melody of Color" US Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

                                                                      1994       Graduation Show, UMA Art Gallery, Mongolia